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Giant Tortoise – Wild Life


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Giant tortoise

Giant turtles carry large, bony shells on their back that house their head and appendages when danger calls.

The largest animal in its habitat, the giant turtle plays a role similar to the elephant’s. In its rigorous search for food, it creates pathways that are used by other animals. Turtles can live in groups or on their own; but either way, these reptiles rest during the day after searching for food in the morning. Although stereotyped to be slow and cautious, turtles are known for being speedy when tempted by a treat, being great swimmers and even reaching too far by standing on their hind legs, falling back on their shell. This would result in death though as they are unable to get back on their feet. Turtles have a great defense against predators and danger as they can tuck themselves into their carapace and wait securely. On average, male giant turtles can be almost four feet long, weighing over five hundred pounds.

Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.6 inch (W x D x H)


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