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German Z-32 Destroyer


1065 1/350 Scale

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Germany produced 15 Zerst√∂rer 1936A-class destroyers. They were actually closer in size to a light cruiser than a destroyer, and notably they were known only by their hull numbers and didn’t receive any names. The 3,597-ton Z32 was laid down at the De SchiMAG shipyard in Bremen on 1 November 1940, before being commissioned on 15 September 1942. Z32 and two accompanying ships were ordered to sail to Brest soon after the D-Day landings. The Allies intercepted the radio order and Canadian Beaufighters were dispatched to attack the ships steaming through the Bay of Biscay. Z32 was slightly damaged but reached Brest, before departing again for Cherbourg. During a major naval engagement, she was damaged by the Canadian ships HMCS Haida and HMCS Huron in the Battle of Ushant on 9 June 1944, off the coast of Brittany. She was destroyed by air attack after beaching herself on the coast


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