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U.S.S. Coronado LCS-4


7108 1/700 Scale

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Based on the very popular LCS-2 kit, Item No. 7108 shares many of its extremely accurate components. However, it has been modified where appropriate to reflect any changes introduced in LCS-4. To make it even more distinctive, the ship comes with some newly tooled items such as an MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter equipped with an MK-105 Mod 4 Magnetic Minesweeping System, more commonly known as the “sled”. This hydrofoil-type device is towed along the ocean’s surface by a Sea Dragon during minesweeping operations. As well as this, the kit also boasts an MQ-8 Fire Scout rotary-winged unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). With all these accessories, this new kit of the future USS Coronado couldn’t be any more advanced!


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