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70623 Destiny’s Shadow



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Join Lloyd and Cole on their boat/flyer and glide into Vermillion territory. Fire the stud shooters to fend off Vermin’s hoverboard attacks or flip out the wings and launch into the sky. Then detach the canoe and paddle silently through the swamp to surprise the enemy. Whatever you do, you must keep that Pause Time Blade in ninja hands!

Includes three minifigures: Vermin, and Lloyd and Cole with swamp outfit decoration.
Detach the canoe for stealthy swamp missions.
Destiny’s Shadow features a two-minifigure cockpit, two stud shooters, flip-out wings for flight mode and ninja blade details, plus two detachable canoes and two oars.
Flip out the wings to convert Destiny’s Shadow from a boat into a flyer!
Vermin is equipped with a V-shaped hoverboard.


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