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41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery



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Stephanie loves delivering presents, but she needs your help! Help her check the order and select the correct gift to send—is it a balloon, flowers or a special party invitation? Put the gift inside the gift box and load it into the delivery van, then drive off with Stephanie to make the delivery. Everyone in Heartlake City is happy when they see this special van heading their way!

Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure.
Take orders from customers in the shop and then pack up their gift.
Features a gift delivery van, a shop facade with opening door, mailbox, cash register and a gift stand.
Accessory elements include a sack truck, two gift boxes, two balloons, two party hats, two invitations, flowers, bill and a coin.
Load up the van and enjoy delivering gifts and flowers across Heartlake City.


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